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Payment Plugin Development for Payment/Banking Institutions

What Is Payment Plugin

Simply, they are ready-to-use and free integration software (a.k.a. add-on, plugin, extension) that can be distributed freely to your customers with your brand name. Merchants can use it on their own B2C or B2B websites that are built on open source CMS applications e.g. WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WHMCS etc. to accept all the credit cards together with their instalment schemes in Turkey.

Plugins are developing and maintaining by Eticsoft R&D Lab under an opensource licenses.

E-commerce stores can install and set up this add-on with just one click and start using it right away.

Eticsoft gives free technical support to those who uses this add-on through Payment Facilitators which have an agreement with Eticsoft.

Sample Case: Opencart – iPara (payment service) plugin

Target Audience

  • Approximately half of the e-commerce stores in Turkey ~8.500 stores- are using open source platforms and all of them are potential customer for you. That means in a year;
  • 800+ new customers/member stores
  • 1300+ Applications
  • 2000 e-commerce stores can download and install this add-on free of charge and start using it.

What Will You Gain?

It will make you ready. It creates demand. Provides standardization and security for your. Drops your technical support cost down to zero. Shortens integration times to seconds. Gives a perfect UI & UX.

How Will It Make You Ready?

  • You probably heard this many times when a prospective customer contacts you. “How long will it take to get integrated? Your answer to this will be “Right away!”
  • You will have different type of ready to use, hassle free add-ons for different types of platforms your members are using. It will only take you an e-mail to have this huge integration process completed. You can even give these add-ons, free of charge, on your website -no need for sending emails back and forth with attachments.

How Will It Create Demand?

  • These free of charge and hassle free add-ons will bring you thousands of customers/members  from open source ecosystem with zero cost and zero workload.
  • This customer gain will be more in quantity and effective than what you would gain through spending thousands of dollars on internet commercials.

How Will It Provide Standardizations And Security?

  • The payment requests (API) will be fully compatible with your company’s policy and standards. The data from customers will flow in in the same quality and structure
  • We, Eticsoft R&D Lab, guarantee that all of our payment gateway add-ons are in full compliance with PCI-DSS standards. Payment Gateways are our formal R&D subject. We are protecting you and your customers’ stores against all fraudulent activities.
  • Our add-ons are fully compatible with the standards of open source ecosystem and PSR-2 coding. This way any professional developer can participate for its further development.

How Will It Drop Down Your Technical Support Cost To Zero?

  • The biggest workload in Payment Facilitators is the technical support. We, Eticsoft R&D Lab, are providing technical support at the highest professional standards possible and free of charge.
  • The support requests from your customers’ stores will come to us instead of you. Not only will this save you from the workloads and their high costs but also provide fast solutions in high quality standards.

How Will It Shorten Integration Times To Seconds?

  • All of our add-ons are installable with one click only. This is our in-house standard. Your customers will never be in need of coding knowledge and modification needs.
  • Add-ons will be downloadable and installable either from your site or from relevant ecosystems with only one click. Then, technical integration process will be done momentarily. Your member stores will not end up waiting for integration process for days/weeks.

How Will It Give A Perfect UI & UX?

  • All of our add-ons will come with a simple and effective UI that you and your member stores love (please take a look at our other payment add-ons)
  • The interfaces of our add-ons are in compliance with CC Payment UX standards while they provide fast and efficient, simple and easy process.
  • We built our interfaces in our R&D Labs at scientific standards based on the user statistics of “the mistakes made when filling up the payment form”