Company Information

Company Name EticSoft Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş.
R&D Lab (Turkey) +90 (850) 885 10 07
Address Akdeniz University Campus TEKNOKENT ArGe-1 Build F1 5/C, Antalya – TURKEY


The roots of EticSoft date from the early 2000s. All the journey started with a young coding enthusiast who started to share open-source payment software with communities. When the software started to get huge attention from the open-source users all around the world, it had been impossible to handle thousands of requests from hundreds of users for a young student. As we know, it was not possible to create extraordinary software like “SanalPosPro” without that young-amateur spirit too.
Mahmut GÜLERCE, the founder of EticSoft had to establish a company while he was a student. As any company should have procedures, structures, rules, and targets, EticSoft has all plus the amateur spirit.
EticSoft is a remarkable fintech development company located within the premises of Akdeniz University, Turkey. EticSoft is composed of an efficient team with hands-on experience of 18 years.


We have achieved several prestigious projects, including “SanalPosPro”, and end-to-end products offering comprehensive solutions as a Bank or a PF/PSP company. EticSoft is the leader in the payment gateway software market in Turkey based on the number of registered merchants and transactions. Also, Eticsoft provides software help to the partner companies.
You can find more details at https://eticsoft.com/products-solutions/

Policy ve Procedures

EticSoft follows its written and published documents as policies, guides, terms, and procedures to be used as references in our actions and responsibilities in our operations. Those written documents aim to sustain our service/product quality and all have been published as publicly by the principle of transparency.

You can find documents at https://eticsoft.com/docs/procedures/