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EticSoft Policies & Procedures

According to the transparency principle of EticSoft, and for the purpose of providing all services and products in a quality standard, all functions and responsibilities delivering EticSoft, are based on written procedures & policies.

Following documents are the latest versions of our written references. EticSoft uses industry standards, scientific resources, customer feedback, EticSoft co-workers’ feedback, current legislation, and partners’ suggestions while updating the documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about our documents.

Please be kindly informed:

  • Each document has a publishing date and each can be updated later. EticSoft may not be able to inform you about policy or procedure updates if your contact preferences not set to receive updates nor your contact information is not available.
  • Since EticSoft is an international company and operates different companies for different destinations some procedures and policies may vary by the provider company or the providing location of the product/service or the location of the customer.