Road To Success

It all started with an amateur spirit in 1999. We were into coding and developing applications for the web. Soon later we realised that the stuff we were coming up with was actually bigger than us. Take for instance one of the biggest open source web site design platforms that is loved and used by millions of people around the world today, we were one of the first founders and developers of it -unfortunately we can’t release the name of it due to the agreement we signed when we turned the whole project over to a new group, sorry. But the point here is that we are experts in what we are doing and yes that amateur spirit still exists in us.


Nine years ago we were awarded with the privilege of owning a private R&D (Research and Development) Department in Mediterranean University, Antalya -Turkiye and since than we’ve been successfully moving forward to serve our clients around the globe while we continue our academic career within the same university.


The founder of the company is Dr. Mahmut Gülerce, a graduate of Electronics Engineering faculty, owns a PhD both in physics and computer science, is also a teaching professor of medicine informatics in Mediterranean University.

Did you know that we delivered many products to our customers with a life time license?

The ingridient of our success consists of two elements.



As it goes in our motto “we not only offer solutions but also apply them“. We care about your project and make sure we do all we can for you to achieve your goals through it. To tell you the truth this was one of the main reasons we set up our own hosting company. Responsibility requires controlling and working with an outside hosting company we would not be able to achieve this.



We don’t listen our prospective customers to see how much profit we will make out of their project. We are fully aware of the fact that their success will be our success down the road. That’s why we discuss and evaluate the project with them. If the project has no chance of reaching its target we will warn them and explain why. There are as many projects we didn’t accept as there the ones we did. And this is only possible with staying up-to-date with high technology and using it while providing state of the art customer support.

Did you know that EticSoft is a proud partner of Google?

From Mexico to Japan in more than 16 countries and more than 3000 satisfied customers (and still counting by the way) are using our products and services.



You can drop your message by using the form below or call our numbers to reach us.

Our working hours are from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT, Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00 GMT.


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