The “New” EticSoft


Dear EticSoft Customer, Partner, Visitor

anniversary10thI am Mahmut GÜLERCE, the creator and R&D manager of eticSoft. Today, I am happy to type this post for announce two great news about eticSoft.

Firstly, eticSoft website puts on a new design and has new innovations just like publising content in 3 languages.

The second new is, the eticSoft will complete 10 years in Software Development by the end of February/2015.


It is sure that I need to post at least 100 pages for this new design, new logo and everything what is new in eticSoft. But inside of a large post, I decided to type just one name: “Mustafa Kalelioğlu”.  You can define more workouts of Mustafa Kalelioğlu at that is a desing agent only for top companies. He did not only designed,  but also created the new appearance of eticSoft.

I do not think it is enough to say “just a new design” to tell what happened about eticSoft.  Mustafa Kalelioğlu took an x-Ray image of whole eticSoft. This is “back to the drawing board” project for eticSoft due to our too old website seems incorrigible for modify. Then, firstly the new logo appeared inside of 10 years old logo that we feel in love each time see it.






And the new design: is simple but not insufficient to tell eticSoft and it is filled but not too complex for a visitor who wants to find a content in two seconds. So it is fresh, clean and also modern. In summary It is a “Mustafa Kalelioğlu” perfection. He frequently uses a sentence “keep it together”. He keeps modernity and simplicity together.

Special thanks “Mustafa Kalelioğlu” and our visitors who feed back us by their valuable comments and by emails.