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E-Commerce Web Sites

E-Commerce Web Sites

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Let’s dive in right into the heart of the topic; how much does it cost or what does it take to sell online?

Unfortunately, due to so many parameters involved, there is no one standard answer that covers it all. On the other hand if not planned and handled well it may suck up all that profit coming from your online sales. When you have a product you believe will sell a lot online doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do that if not done right. On contrary a well planned and handled e-commerce site with the right marketing strategy e.g. google adwords or other means of seo may suprise you big time with its performance even if you had no hope in that product. So what’s the catch than?

Before we answer that here below are the questions need accurate and logical answers that fit and reflect your, or better say your company’s current situation.

  • Will you buy a turn key customised e-commerce web site package or go with an open source platform to build your own? One will cost you at the beginning with recurring montly or annual charges and the other no cost at the beginning but will later down the line. What are the pros and cons then? Which one should you go with? This is one of the key points as far as major costs concern.
  • Did you buy your domain name, and all relevant extensions of it. Do you think it is necessary? The size of your business and your expectations may require you to buy additional domain names in bulk with many variations, but with what criteria should you decide? This may become a big headache in future if not planned well.
  • Which hosting company and plan that suits you the best? A great customer support is a must but if you don’t know where you are and where you headed even this can’t save you by itself.
  • How much do you know about SEO? Did you set up a marketing plan and budget? There is no one straight logic here like the more you spend the more traffic and sales you get. It works vice versa sometimes. After all no company has limitless marketing budget.
  • What the design should look like? What are the current design trends especially the ones that built with online buyer behaviour in mind.
  • Who will take care of the web site and its visitors? It is a time comsuming process and can not be left free.
  • Are your product pictures, videos, and graphics ready? A poor product related content can lead to a negative performance ratio meaning a lot of visitors but no sales.
  • Is your text content ready? How professional is it? Without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it doesn’t matter how expensive your web site is. It will be a failure for sure.
  • How will your products, their prices, pictures, quantities and like be managed? Manually or through a method (XML) that syncronizes your site with your stock management /accounting program that is in use? Imagine you have over 100 products, can you imagine the amount of time you will spent on entries.
  • Will you sell directly to end users or through your dealers? Dealer involvement in your e-commerce web site other words multi store web sites will take everything to another level. Should you go that way?
  • Will you need B2B web site as well? It may well worth to set up an aditional B2B side for your project. How suitable your company for this type of model?

The list can go on and on but for the sake of keeping it simple we might as well stop here and realize one thing and that is, it sure will have an ongoing cost. It is better to load you with concerns before, than showing only the bright side of it and then have you lost in it. So the question is, how ready are you to control this whole process? Or better ask what needs to be done to realize if it is time for your company to go online selling B2B or B2C or both? The answer is all about math.

You have to measure, calculate, and understand to see if it is worth it or not. Don’t be afraid to do a detailed study.

We can help you right at this point. We can discuss and evaluate together to see what needs to be done, what the procedure will be, how much it will cost to start with and most importantly when is the right time to give it a start.

The good news is that you are at the right place. We are making success stories here at EticSoft. Be next!

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