Applications Architecture, Development & Integration

Applications Architecture, Development & Integration

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We are often asked about the difference between application architecture (no ‘s’ at the end) and applicaitons architecture. Well the answer is actualy easy but sounds complicated. To make it eaiser just think of a big five star hotel with all kinds of facilities. In this example every room in this hotel represents an ‘application’. The design and functionality of this room called ‘application architecture’ whereas the whole hotel is considered applications architecture.

If your business operations and activities are getting more complex and becoming harder to control, or you think it is time to leap forward to organize things more effectively and easily so that there will be more room for production and more time to focus on sales then it is probably the right time to move on to optimizing your current structure, addding more applications on it if necessary, and connecting them all together more securely to function seamlessly with up-to-date technology. All together you need applications architecture first, then its development and finally its integration.

Back to our hotel example, when you need to build a hotel you basically won’t start designing and building the rooms first; yes you will have a rough idea about their designs but it involves more than that. The field where the hotel will be built on, how much of it should be spared for the gardens, what type of materials will be used, where the entrance and fire exits will be, what needs to be done for the security, where should the rooms will be and so forth and on.

In today’s technological environment and what being offered as a result, every growing business especially the ones deal with production and dealer or service structure sooner or later will need to set up such system. So act now to discuss about the possible applications architecture type your business can make a use of and what the needs be for it in the future before it is too late costing you time and money while being not sure about the outcome.

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